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I have used FreeBSD for so long I don't remember when I started using it. I
have seen it grow and mature. PCBSD is an awesome attempt to bring FreeBSD
to the desktop, sure we have some issue but those issue will soon be fixed.
I use PCBSD on a daily basis as well as FreeBSD on the dev box and they
have never let me down. I have also submitted some ideas and those ideas
are now part of PCBSD and should be included in RC2

On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 3:07 PM, Bridger Dyson-Smith
<bdysonsmith at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi --
> Disclosure: I'm not a power user; I'm almost stuck around a beginner level
> -- so take everything with a huge grain of salt.
> I've been (almost) exclusively using RC1 on an older Thinkpad (X61) since
> right around the time it was announced on the blog. Overall, I've had very
> good experiences with it -- there have been a few bumps here and there --
> and I'm looking forward to being able to get a desktop set up configured. I
> wouldn't say any of the "bumps" have been stability-related at all.
> I think it's great -- Kris & co. have done an outstanding job (again).
> :)
> HTH!
> Cheers,
> Bridger
> On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 11:19 AM, Gour <gour at atmarama.net> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> last year I was testing and evaluating PC-BSD in the era of 9.0beta,
>> but after some time returned back to the (Arch)Linux.
>> Recently, I was considering to move both my (main) desktop and
>> (secondary) machines to Frugalware Linux, but then I realized that it
>> would not bring me much more stable OS and/or less admin time.
>> Then I tried PC-BSD 9.1-RC1 under vbox and I must say I'm *very*
>> impressed considering it is huge quantum leap in quality comparing it
>> to 9.0 and decided to move to it asap.
>> Too bad, but my netbook is 4GB machine but with newer ATI (mobile)
>> graphic card (HD6320) which is, afaik, not well supported under PC-BSD.
>> That's why I installed Linux Mint on that machine (the only remaining
>> dilemma is to continue using main Linux Mint edition with 'pro' of
>> having newer software - cons is requirement to regularly (every six
>> months) update OS or to use Linux Mint Debian edition being rolling
>> release - I'm accustomed to it being >10yrs Gentoo and Archlinux user,
>> but bringing somewhat older user (e.g. Xfce-4.8 instead of the present
>> 4.10).
>> So, I'd like to install PC-BSD on my machine asap and wonder how stable
>> do you consider 9.1RC1?
>> I'm aware that according to BSD folks, the stability bar is much higher
>> than in Linux, but do you find any outstanding bugs in 9.1RC1?
>> If RC2 is not too far (any estimation) I can wait for it, but I
>> believe that 9.1 is not quite around the corner, I do not feel as
>> Archlinux user any longer and would like to move sooner in order to
>> complete migration before jumping to some other projects.
>> Sincerely,
>> Gour
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