[PC-BSD Testing] warden / ip addressing

Dewey Hylton dewey.hylton at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 11:07:27 PST 2012

would it be possible to change the way jails are indexed/stored (currently by ip address)? i find it difficult to move from network to network with my laptop and have its jails work properly without a lot of manual work.

for my purposes, it'd be nice for the jails to be index/stored based on name (eg. webserver or foo.bar.baz) and for their addresses to be changeable via warden. when working with jails from command-line, this would also be helpful (starting a jail named webserver would be easier than starting a jail named by ip address, particularly if that jail has been changed to a different ip address in order to work properly on a new network).

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