[PC-BSD Testing] universal mixer?

Curt Dox tigersharke at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 14:55:33 PST 2012


I ran across ermixer <http://www.freshports.org/audio/ermixer/> on
freshports.org, and thought it could be a good solution to having a mixer
control accessible to all (or nearly all) desktops. (Text from the listing

Ermixer is a command-line, ncurses, and Qt-GUI OSS audio mixer that looks
very nice in GUI mode, and can save and restore multiple named profiles. It
also has a command-line mode that makes it useful in scripts.

P.S. I have found the holy grail! Now I don't need to install kdemultimedia
just to get a bloody mixer!  -- AlanE (KDE-FreeBSD Team)

WWW: http://ermixer.sourceforge.net/
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