[PC-BSD Testing] 9.1-RC3 meta-pkg manager configuration issue

Phil Vuchetich phil at vuchetich.com
Sun Nov 18 20:25:06 PST 2012

I installed a fresh copy of RC3 using the USB LITE file.  After a default
install (which uses , I wanted to add KDE on the system.

Using the PC-BSD Control panel - > system manager -> system packages (tab)
--> Desktops -> KDE -> apply.
It returned the error message that meta-pkg manager returned an error.

The referenced logfile /tmp/.pc-metapkgmanager.log  had the message:
Pending Meta-Package changes: 15
ERROR: the pkg location
/9.1-RC3/amd64/netinstall/metapackages/pcbsd/packages/ does not exist.

There isn't this named directory on the PC, but it isn't clear how to get
it configured.

I am able to connect to the internet and download apps via the AppCafe,
which is obviously separate, but at least indicates the networking is

Suggestions on how to locate the metapackages?
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