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Jacob Daniels jacob.dan1984 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 00:05:27 PST 2012

upgrade to RC3 or Release
    As with my situation , I ran out of writable DVD discs and decided to
    upgrade to RC3 through the update manager....
    was very painful....
    Now things are significantly slower, but I will have to do more testing
    make sure... so far it's just the app-cafe downloading and installing
    Have not tested any applications yet
    Took Ten hours to download, and about Two hours to install
    In comparison of when I installed the Beta of PC-BSD I Downloaded from
    update manager, took only 45 mins and about 15 mins to install
    which is quite curious because I can download the DVD Image in about
    Anyways most of these issues could be either Latency Issues between my
    and the isc.org server (cicku.me should NOT be default for updates!!!,
    it does not seem to have any and always crashes update manager!!!)
    Or in the worse case scenario, since I am a very curious and quite

- Ignored:
    an adventurous man and do not trust  virtual box to give me a real,
    accurate representation of how various different operating systems
    on my pc, I usually do Full Hardware Installs just to see how they are
    and maybe perhaps pick up some new nuanced  skills :-D

    So in short,
    Worst case scenario is that it could be my HDD dying from excessive

    But anyways, I would like to congratulate the entire PC-BSD Team for
    bringing out another Quality RC!! and mention that I am very Grateful
    all their Hard work and Dedication :-D
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