[PC-BSD Testing] u3g support and wizard

Gary B. Corell wa5qjh at xmission.com
Wed Nov 14 17:18:14 PST 2012

Greetings all:
  I have been trying to get a USB 'mini-modem' to work to get me 
connected to my local Cellular broadband connection.
In PCBSD 9.0 network manager, there was support for tethering a smart 
phone with 3G  and used the u3g module but I dont have such a phone, and 
in 9.1 RC-2 I dont even see that. In my search I found reference to 
trying to get  such a minimodem, a ZTE MF100 or MF627 to work in forum 
lists in 2010 which seemed to imply a solution was being worked on.
Since the 3G tethering doesnt seem to be included in the network manager 
any longer, I'm hoping something else has been done but I just havent 
found it yet. I'm not very proficient at using google either. This same 
modem works with either 2G or 3G, it is recognized in dmesg. I tried to 
set it up in /etc/ppp several times but seemed to get nowhere. The 
handbook doesnt have enough info  nor the man page on ppp. at least for 
me ( see my tagline )
  Really would appreciate some help on  this.

Gary B. Corell
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