[PC-BSD Testing] Sound volume slider error and other issues

Jacob Daniels jacob.dan1984 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 18:47:25 PST 2012

The Volume control slider does not work when using USB audio which is

Also the auto detection script does not work properly either on boot, it
selects the optical out(Digital) as the active plug and I never use that
because I can't really Afford such a fancy setup...it just happened to be a
feature on this main-board, after purchase

Also, I must use headphones for certain reasons

so that would either be using the USB dongle that comes with my current
set, or detaching the cord from the dongle and connecting it to
the analog jack

But I have to manually set it to use such  using the pc-bsd control panel
which works most of the time, unless you put it under ALOT of stress , like
moving the scroll bar back and forth repeatedly or changing any of the
services running(mostly disabling webcamd) would also cause the icons and
background/icons of the control panel to go grey, opaque  and unresponsive

it is only closes with a sig-kill( - 9)  from htop , clicking "close
window" from the task bar has no effect

I've been having issues with the control panel since I first started using
it, this being 9.0 Isotope edition...

Just never had time to mention the issue until now,

Every thing else just fine and rock steady, but if any thing else arises I
will report them , time and circumstances permitting

Thanks for all the awesome work!


Jacob Daniels
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