[PC-BSD Testing] install works, system fails to boot

Randy Schultz schulra at earlham.edu
Wed Nov 7 05:22:58 PST 2012


Installed PCBSD9.1-RC2-x64-USBFULL on an HP Compaq Elite 8300.  Selected default on everything except the
window managers (added fvwm).  Install jammed along just fine, get to the reboot point, click on reboot and
system hangs.  The monitor goes black and it sits there doing nothing.  Have let it sit there for >5 mins w/o
any change.  Power-cycled the box.  It boots to the "f1 freebsd/f6 PXE" prompt.  Pressing f1 or letting it
default, the system does not move from that spot, even after waiting >20 mins.

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