[PC-BSD Testing] Life Preserver suggestion

Julian Elischer julian at freebsd.org
Sat Mar 24 21:46:12 PDT 2012

On 3/24/12 1:28 PM, Bridger Dyson-Smith wrote:
> hi devs & others,
> How difficult would it be to extend the functionality of Life
> Preserver to target mounted drives/media? As far as I can tell,
> currently Life Preserver is set up for networked storage, but a user
> might mount an external USB drive and having the ability to use Life
> Preserver in this case could be very beneficial.
> E.g. rsync -av ~/Documents/something-important/
> /media/USBdrive/Documents-backup

for that you could use this, which is  an almost exact duplicate of 
TimeMachine. I use it on my old 10.4  macs but I have 10.5 and 6 
backups on the same drive and they co-exist.

> As always, thanks very much for all of your hard work!
> Cheers,
> Bridger
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