[PC-BSD Testing] Panic with cuse4bsd

Julian Elischer julian at freebsd.org
Mon Mar 19 23:19:47 PDT 2012

On 3/19/12 2:06 AM, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> So, my PC-BSD 9.0 had a panic over the weekend, and it was something
> to do with cuse4bsd.
> I couldn't figure out what caused this, but had to run fsck -y / two
> times to clear the problem, apparently from an upgrade I did on
> Clamav. Sorry, I did not capture the actual details from fsck when
> this got cleared, but what I need to understand is why cuse4bsd is
> required in PC-BSD.

 From the photo it wasn't Cuse4bsd that had the problem.
it was teh filesystem code, which suggests some filesystem corruption.
probably why fsck needed 2 runs to clean it up.

Cuse4bsd is used to create 'virtual' devices that can be attached to 
real hardware via the usb libraries or other software.
it probably had nothing to do with your problem.

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