[PC-BSD Testing] Eclipse 3.7.0_4 PBI

Ronald Georgia rong1611 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 12:42:18 PST 2012

I am "running" PCBSD9.0 amd64 on an HP Compaq 7800p, 4Gig of RAM and a wicked big hard drive.

I attempted to install Eclipse-3.7.0_4 from AppCafe and got the error message "An error occurred installing Eclipse. You may need to update this PBI manually." (See attached file eclipse-appcafe-error.png). I checked the /usr/pbi directory and eclipse-amd64 was not created.

From the command-line I issue the following command:
[root at rong1611-s1] ~#  pbi_add --rArch amd64 --repo 001 -r -v Eclipse

After the install process I got this message:
Extraction Finished!
/tmp/.PBI.9164/.PBI-header.9164/post-install.sh: cannot create /usr/pbi/eclipse-amd64/eclipse/eclipse.ini: No such file or directory
Installed: Eclipse-3.7.0_4

Running Eclipse from the menu does not launch the application. I checked /usr/pbi/eclipse-amd64/.sbin and found that the eclipse script was missing; however the eclipse-devel file was there. 
[root at rong1611-s1] /usr/pbi/eclipse-amd64/.sbin# cp eclipse-devel eclipse

Eclipse works.

I add the icon to the desktop: 
[rgeorgia at rong1611-s1] ~> pbi_info | grep eclipse
[rgeorgia at rong1611-s1] ~> pbi_icon add-desktop eclipse-3.7.0_4-amd64

Installed PyDev and a host of other plugins without incident. 

Warning: Using Help -> Check for Updates and selecting the available updates and installing them will cause Eclipse to not launch. Still working on why that is happening.

r0n ge0rgia
John 13:23
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