[PC-BSD Testing] Miscellaneous Warden suggestions on snapshot 20120622

Ben Milman ben at ixsystems.com
Tue Jun 26 16:47:05 PDT 2012

Hi, My use of snapshot 20120622 is all on LXDE in a virtualbox instance
hosted on PC-BSD 9.0.

My suggestions:

   - Add the Warden to the "system tools" menu along with other PC-BSD
   tools like appcafe, the update manager, etc.
   - In the Warden, it is not ideal that the new jail window holds focus.
   Some jail initializations may take a long time, and being unable to work on
   other jails in the meantime is annoying if there is no technical reason for
   the restriction.
   - (Not sure if a bug) Creating a "traditional jail" in the warden
   results in the dialog stopping at "Changing root password on: (jail
   address)", after the "success" message. It's inconsistent with creating a
   ports jail, which ends at the "success" message. If it would be possible to
   delay the success message until all other operations complete in
   traditional jail initialization, that would be idea for clarity and

I also experienced a Warden crash involving the snapshots tab and a ports
jail, but I have not yet been able to reproduce it

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