[PC-BSD Testing] UI scaling & initial window sizes

Curt Dox tigersharke at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 11:48:23 PDT 2012


I have noticed that using a resolution of 800x600 versus 1024x768 or
anything larger, that there are no differences. All User Interface items,
from icons to taskbar dimensions (height/width), window and text sizes, are
the same for every desktop resolution. On a larger screen (1900 x 1600 eg)
the proportion feels right: the item does not fill nearly the entire
screen. An item that is properly sized for a smaller resolution might
become unusable/unreadable at a larger resolution, while those sized for
the larger resolutions would swamp those on the smaller end.

   - If at all possible, I would like to see relative proportions of User
   Interface items (Icons, Windows, Text, Taskbars, etc.) so that a resolution
   of 800x600 would be as usable (out of the box) as 1024x768 or 1900x1600. I
   realize this may be affected by the inner workings of each Desktop, both
   fully supported and "unsupported" which will complicate the issue, but all
   are at base still X windows.

A related issue, are initial window sizes, especially for PC-BSD specific
items. I have noticed that some windows appear on the desktop that are not
sized adequately to fully display their contents. I believe there is a
characteristic 'minimum window size' which could be set and may fix this

Thank you for your efforts!
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