[PC-BSD Testing] 20120605 Icon continuity flaw

Curt Dox tigersharke at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 02:57:10 PDT 2012


I have noticed a disparity.

In the Control Panel, the desktop selector icon matching any *Unsupported
Desktop* is the *'Window Suppressed' KDE Oxygen
* but in the System Manager, the category icon for *Unsupported
desktops*is the same as for
*Desktops*, both are the *Category Preferences KDE Oxygen
I would suggest that until we have our own custom icons, that the icon for *
Desktops* be *Places user desktop KDE Oxygen
* (ie without the crossed tools that would denote settings or config) and
the *Unsupported desktops* icon be the *Window Suppressed KDE Oxygen
icon*as mentioned previously.

Thank you for your efforts!
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