[PC-BSD Testing] Snapshot 20120605 issues

Antenore Gatta antenore at simbiosi.org
Wed Jun 13 06:26:50 PDT 2012


First of all thanks a lot for the amazing job you have done and sorry if
my report does not respect the testing report guidelines (didn't find if
any... sorry)

I've installed the snapshot 20120605 (amd64) on a ASUS K72F laptop and
I've some little issues.

1) The installation fails if I choose to encrypt the whole disk

	- I've just selected to encrypt the whole disk without changing
anything else in the proposed layout (with ZFS)
	- The disk was previously partitioned with UFS and I was running the
PC-BSD 9.0 stable.

2) Wifi disconnect from time to time.
	- To workaround the issue I've set DHCP, instead of SYNCDHCP in rc.conf.
	- I've a D-Link dir615 router.
	- I've the same issue with previous releases and other *nix OSs,
therefore may be a D-Link or ASUS issue
	- SYNCDHCP have been added with the change 8096

3) Wifi doesn't work after the first setup, I had to restart the PC
(same issue with any PC-BSD version)


4) GEM/KMS/DRI works quite well with "Integrated Intel® GMA X4500HD"

	- Just some flickering from time to time and some strange black shadows
in the window borders on KDE (LXDE and spectrwm OK)

5) Pidgin cannot be installed because of wrong libpng version

	- To send this email I'm using an "alien PC", so I cannot provide more
details at the moment.

Thanks in advance
Best regards

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