[PC-BSD Testing] pbsd-snapshot-20120605 - new mount tray - mostly doesn't work for usb flash driives on my laptop

user10508 at gmail.com user10508 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 03:15:47 PDT 2012

Mount tray initial state after boot:

The mount tray lists sata-device-0 through sata-device-7.

A mouse over of each of these mount tray entries results in a tool-tip
like pop up with the message:

unmounted - may be removed.

Right clicking on a mount tray list item does not produce any action.

Left clicking on a mount tray list item either results in the mounting
of a partition or raises an exception with the message:

The filesystem on this device is unknown and cannot be mounted at this

Inserting a usb flash drive usually results in the addition of one
device name to the mount tray item list. When a usb flash drive is
inserted it is usually assigned the name: 


This device name is also found on the gnome desktop as: 

/media/USB-Device-0, a directory name; the contents of this directory
is usually empty.

Rarely, the device and its contents are mounted.

About the nomenclature used to describe mount tray functionality:

I don't have seven sata devices on my laptop. I do have one 500 GB sata
disk currently with seven partitions. 

I know what mount tray is talking about because I've formatted the
drive and the partitions in use manually. 

I think it would be clearer if  mount tray indicated both
device and partition number. 

Usage case

Were there two sata drives on my laptop the current method of
describing entries could quickly become very confusing; for a desktop
workstation, which might have several drives, I don't think this method
would allow a user to quickly navigate to a particular partition and
mount it with any degree of certainty.

Additional configuration options:

Is it possible to configure mount tray and tell it about a file system
after the system is running - if not - please consider this as a right
click option for a mount tray list item or a configuration option for
mount tray on the pcbsd control panel. 

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