[PC-BSD Testing] pcbsd-20120605-snapshot - 90 Centigrade using intel iga on laptop

user10508 at gmail.com user10508 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 05:26:17 PDT 2012

In my prior post I detailed the installation problems I had with this

There are several after-installation issues I've experienced which I'll
go into in another post.

The major problem I'm experiencing, which will keep me from using
pcbsd/freebsd should it persist to the 9.1 release, is extremely high
running temperatures on my laptop.

On the x11 mailing list I posted about this problem and received two
replies. One implied the problem might be specific to my hardware, 
because the person who posted was not experiencing the same
problem on his machine. I replied to his post asking what steps he had
taken to get kms working on his lenovo laptop with an intel iga. He
never replied to my request and in a subsequent post on another
subject, he revealed he was running pcbsd 8 and having some problems
getting kms up and running on his lenovo laptop. I'm going to assume
this user had no thermal problems because he was running vesa and not 
the updated xf86-intel driver used by kms. 

The second reply was from the developer porting kms. He posted that
there were problems setting rc6 mode on the intel iga so the default was
that rc6 was off. This would account for the extreme temperature and
short battery life I've experienced with both pcbsd snapshots with kms

Subsequent to this post, it was announced that kms was in head and might
be backported in time for the 9.1 release.

I posted asking what the state of rc6 was on Head. There has been no
reply to this post.

My system idles at 66 C and when compiling something like firefox
quickly reaches 90 C - 190 F. 

Not only is this uncomfortable, it affects the working life of all
components on the system.

On linux, on the same machine, the system idles at 39 C and rarely
gets above 50 C, no matter what I'm doing.

For a server or well ventilated desktop workstation, there probably
are no thermal issues, but for a laptop, assuming other laptops
experience the same problem; the current state of kms is a non starter,
as I'm sure reviewers with laptops will make very clear if this problem
isn't fixed by the time 9.1 is released.

At the very least, this problem should be made clear to users who want
to install on a laptop, so they won't be able to say they
weren't warned, when their laptop goes up in smoke.  

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