[PC-BSD Testing] service providers list for Broadband

Gary Corell wa5qjh at xmission.com
Thu Jun 7 21:41:58 PDT 2012

  I pretty much gotta agree. I'm not the one to write it either. I wish!!
But as an advocacy issue it stands out like a sore thumb. As a resident 
in the US, I would be very surprised if you or any other would have need 
of it. I certainly didnt before I moved here to the Philippines last year.
  Then suddenly no way to get on the internet except by such a method. 
add to that the long list of countries and providers would seem to 
suggest there is a need for it. Then again, the fact that Ubuntu already 
does, seems to second that notion. I have been unable to use my PCBSD 
on  the 'net for the lack of such support.
  So why should missions of other folks even bother with PCBSD if  they 
cannot get on the net with it?
  If you happen to live in a major city in a lot of these countries you 
also dont have much problem getting on  the 'net. But if you live in the 
boondocks as I do, and as many many other folks n many many other 
countries do, such support is needed.
  I might add that it is also a cost issue. the GSM modem is about $20 
while it requires a top-end phone to be able to be tethered. I happened 
to check on  that just yesterday. was not happy with the response.

  So, bottom line, without support for plain GSM or CDMA USB Broadband 
modem support, PCBSD is a washout  for an awfull lot of folks who could 
be enjoying a VERY VERY nice OS!
  ( You can read a Big Thank You for your work and effort, if you want 
to . )

    Here's my stance on this. I think it would be a GREAT idea to have
    an advanced PPP / 3G configuration GUI. However the problem is that
    I'm not the guy to write it. In the past 10 years I've never once
    needed to use PPP for 3G tethering (I use wifi hotspot on my phone),
    so I don't know much about the process. What we need is somebody who
    uses this technology and knows its ins-n-outs to work on a QT GUI
    front-end to the process.
    -- Kris Moore PC-BSD Software iXsystems

Gary Corell
Experience keeps a dear school, but a fool will learn in no other.
    -Benjamin Franklin

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