[PC-BSD Testing] post-install configuration errors in 20120605

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Jun 7 05:34:36 PDT 2012

On 06/07/2012 04:47, Curt Dox wrote:
> Hello..
> *Section '/create a user/' seems to have a logic error-*
> The Username field can automatically be filled based upon the content
> of the Name field. If 'john smith' is entered the result is 'jsmith'
> or if 'john jacob jingleheimer schmidt' is used, the Username becomes
> 'jschmidt' and in these cases the intent succeeds. The trouble appears
> when there is only one character or string entered in the Name field.
> Where 'john' is the Name, the Username will be 'jjohn' which is a
> simple doubling of the first letter, rather than taking the name
> verbatim as the content of this second field. In addition to this,
> there seems to be no check for allowable characters when the Username
> is auto-filled.
This is already fixed in SVN :)

> *Back button & abort issue-*
> If the back button is ever used, the 'next' button becomes inactive. I
> discovered this during an install within VirtualBox, so it was easy
> enough to start over, but an install is still a lengthy process to
> fail during the post configuration.  It is also possible to kill-off
> the entire process which may sometimes be useful but in both
> situations the run-once flag has already been set so that booting a
> second time does not cause this /post-install configuration/ to reappear.
> Thank you!
I'll take a look into this one as well. Thanks!
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