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Thank you Gary

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 5:08 AM, Gary Corell <wa5qjh at xmission.com> wrote:

>  There are a lot of people in a lot of countries using a large variety of
> providers and  their GSM or (W)CDMA USB Broadband  Modems that cannot
> connect via PCBSD. I know, I'm one of them here in the backwoods of the
> Philippines.
>  this is a URL for a Service Providers list described at the top of  the
> list as being in the Public Domain. THe 163KB file is XML and is used by
> Ubuntu Network Manager  to configure with users' input to providers in
>  their country. The list starts in the UAE and goes down to Vietnam, and
> each county has several providers listed.  in the cases where CDMA is used,
>  there is usually a long  list of parameters needed and are provided by
> this file.
>  It appears that ubuntu's network manager uses this file and parameters
> included internally. that is I have not been able to find and kind of PPP
> configuration file that provides things like pap or chap, or any chat
> script for PPP.     In Ubuntu11
> //usr/share/mobile-broadband-provider-info$ /
>  This list does not provide any chat script for ppp.
>  Two of the brands of modems that I know of, using GSM or CDMA, are ZTE
> and HUAWEI both made in China.
>  The list treats not only  GSM/WCDMA modems but also tethered phones as
> well.
> Implementation of this list in pcbsd's Networkmanager would sure go a long
> way toward making PCBSD useable in a lot more of the world. the lack of
> it's use might explain why pcbsd has not been accepted as widely as we
> might like.
>  One more point. Where I am,  I am limited to only 2G service ( and the
> bottom of that, I might add) PCBSD's network manager in  the configuration
> panel only mentions 3G and PPP for tethering phones. GSM/WCDMA USB (EvDO)
> modems are not mentioned at all.
>  Certainly, I've been stuck with Ubuntu when I would a lot rather use
> PCBSD as I have since about V 1.5.
>  It is also possible that this list might be included somehow in FreeBSD
> directly.
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