[PC-BSD Testing] v9.1beta via iso in Virtualbox: default desktop + system manager

Curt Dox tigersharke at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 13:45:23 PDT 2012


I installed v9.1beta into virtualbox not long ago, choosing not to add a
desktop and therefore only have fluxbox available to me (no complaint about
a lack of warning, it was what I desired and did with 20120622 previously).
The trouble I discovered moments ago, was when I needed to install
Virtualbox Guest Additions (so that I could avoid VESA in Virtualbox).  I
chose the guest additions and attempted to have them installed, when a
message warning me that i did not choose a desktop. So in order to complete
my original task with system manager, I had to choose a desktop. Since I
truly did only want to have fluxbox, I discovered that I could use
pc-metapkgmanager to delete the unwanted desktop. That is the background

*I propose the following compromise:*

   1. *During install:*
   - If no desktop is chosen a brief dialog: "Are you sure you want fluxbox
      as your only desktop? y/n"
   - Depending on the choice, it will then indicate somewhere for future
      reference, that it is ok that fluxbox is the only desktop.
   2. *In System Manager*:
      - If no desktop is already installed, it does not "freak out" or
      require the cli to affect the desired result.
   - If a desktop is installed but de-selected, the same brief dialog: "Are
      you sure you want fluxbox as your only desktop? y/n"

In this way, both situations are covered but with the added integrated
'documentation' of fluxbox's inclusion (as default).

Thanks for all your time and efforts!
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