[PC-BSD Testing] 9.1-BETA1 now available! (Update)

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Tue Jul 24 12:31:23 PDT 2012

Thanks for the notes! Responses below:

On 07/21/2012 07:36, Lars Engels wrote:
> Alright, you wanted us to test it, so I did. :-)
> Let me first say that I am very impressed with the warden and the other
> new tools, but I also found some issues and proposals:
> Installer:
> - First screen: Tooltips for icons are hardly readable
Fixed! Now the install / first boot wizard have a status bar, so you get
mouse-over text for each of the buttons.
> - Language selector: Lower / Upper cases are mixed

> - The Icons should be more prominent, a user doesn't know if he is to click on
>   them or not
The mouse-over effects make this much more usable now

> - The Help Icon still shows the help messages for the old installer

> - The Virtual Keyboard is not closable

It is, just not very intuitive. You can hold-click the xvkbd button in
bottom left, and go to "close". I've also added the Close button to the
window title, so that should help.
> - The Keyboard Selector has all languages in English, while the Language
>   Selector has them localized
That's something we'll have to investigate for 9.2. Those langs are
pulled right from xorg, and they are not localized.
> - The Customize Desktop Selection Window has Window Title "Form"
> - There's no way to configure wired network and hostname
You can do this for server installs. For desktop, its set to DHCP by
default, and the user can change it in the control panel later.

> - No option to start the sshd on boot
This is present for the server install, but not desktop. User can enable
post-install in services gui. This is by design. Our last install got so
cluttered, since more and more features kept going into it. I'm trying
to make the install as minimal as possible, and not duplicate
functionality that we have good GUI's for post-install.

> First boot wizard: 
> - Why again the language selection?
> - Keyboard layout is again English
For both of these, this is by design. The install acts as an OEM. So if
you do an install, and give the system to a new user, they get to pick
their own language / keyboard settings at first boot.

> - The Wireless Connection screen doesn't offer to enter an SSID for a hidden
>   network
Correct. We offer that in the network manager post-install. Again,
trying to keep simplicity here.

> GDM:
> - Before gdm's start, error message "Could not update ICEauthority file
>   /usr/local/etc/gdm/home/.ICEauthority
> - (translated from German): There was a problem with the configuration server
>   /usr/local/libexec/gconf-sanity-check-2 ended with status 256
> - The keyboard settings are English again and it's not possible to change it,
>   so you need to know where to find the keys on an US keyboard layout or you're
>   not able to login
> - GDM configuration app doesn't have an option to set the locale, so you're
>   still stuck with an US keyboard :)
Can you look at /usr/local/etc/gdm/home? What user owns this directory?
I don't see this error here, and its owned by gdm:gdm. If you run "chown
-R gdm:gdm /usr/local/etc/gdm/home" does it fix it?
> Welcome Window:
> - Back and Next buttons are not localized
> - Update Screenshot has the old updater icon
> KDE Taskbar:
> - I am able to change my keyboard layout to German with the help of the locale
>   switcher icon! \o/ However it switched back to English a short time after /o\
>   (2 times, now it seems to stay German)
Odd, is that some KDE fluke?

> - Inserting a FAT formatted and PC-BSD's installer stick doesn't show anything
>   on the desktop, /var/log/messages shows they were recognized as da4(s1) and
>   da5(s1) and volmand CREATEd the devices (Mount Tray is not started
>   automatically)
Did the get mounted in the background? If you run mount do you see them?
How about in dolphin, on the left bar?

> - The system clock in the tray went from the correct 18:00h to 20:00h after
>   some seconds, its settings says UTC, although I selected Europe/Berlin in the
>   installer
We enable NTPD by default, possibly that caused the time jump? At the
command prompt what does the "date" command show, UTC?

> - The quick locale switcher icon in the tray still happily jumps between German
>   and English, whenever I click on an icon in the tray
No clue there :(
> - Hibernate option in the logout section of KDE's menu and probably also from
>   the other DEs and XBMC should be removed in the source, because it's not
>   supported on FreeBSD and will crash your computer
Yea, we will need to do that at some point. I dont know if I will have
time before 9.1. Of course patches are welcome from anybody who wants to
look into this :)
> AppCafe:
> - No space between value and unit in the download status bar (e.g. 600KBs
>   instead of 600 KB/s)
> - Appcafe could have a "most downloaded apps" section?

Maybe eventually, at the moment we don't have the framework in place to
store that data.
> - When a Category is selected there should be a heading saying in which
>   category one is at the moment, maybe like "Appcafe > Audio > aTunes"

Good idea! Added it to the 9.2 TODO wiki page.

> - Add a Close button at the bottom of the Appcafe?
Don't think its needed, we have a File -> Quit, and the X top right
works fine :)

> - Maybe add one or more screenshots for the PBIs just like on pbidir.com?
I prefer to leave that up to the particular applications on their own
websites. Its a pain / messy to be trying to manage all of those for
every third party software out there.
> About:
> - Memory says 4.75 GB, but dmesg has 4096 MB real and 3883 MB avail (same issue
>   in pc-sysmanager)
What does "sysctl -a | grep hw.realmem" show?
> Warden:
> - Configuration of network interfaces could be a dropdown list of available
>   interfaces + the ability to change it manually and leave it empty
I'll check into this, it may work, just need to make sure that we show
all interfaces properly, and dont miss any virtual ones, etc.

> - IP Address could be left blank for a portsjail?
Probably could, but should the user then want to run a service that
needs it, it would be a pain to manually add it.

> - The fetch process could show a progress bar and the current download speed
Added to 9.2 TODO
> - A button for enabling / disabling a jail's autostart would be useful,
>   right-clicking the jail isn't so obvious
Added to 9.2 TODO
> - I created a Gentoo jail called "gentoojail" but jls shows Hostname
>   "localhost"
Looking into it. We are seeing the hostname properly with the jail
command, but it looks like its getting changed back to localhost after
gentoo starts. Probably need to set the hostname inside the jail as well.
> Misc:
> - All the PC-BSD Tools have a different scroll bar that the KDE apps (probably
>   GTK vs. Qt, but there are ways to match their look :) )
They seem to look the same here, using the QtCurve themes inside KDE.
Does that match properly?

> - KDE's Window decoration looks really 90ies (KDE 1.x style?), though Oxygen is
>   selected and its preview looks much nicer, the style also doesn't change after
>   logging out and in again -- Ahh, I just found out: The PC-BSD system
>   configuration program just crashed and now there's a window if it should be
>   closed forcefully. And this window has title "Metacity", so it's Gnome 2's
>   window manager in a KDE 4 session, WTF? ;-)
That is weird! What did you click to get to that metacity configuration?
Not seeing it here on my KDE install.
> - The tooltips on pc-controlpanel are white font on bright(est) blue
>   background, so they're unreadable
Noted, working on a fix here

> - KSystemLog says: "Pango-WARNING: error opening config file
>   '/usr/local/etc/gdm/home/.pangorc": Permission denied
See permissions issue mentioned way above.

> - A double click on the updater icon in the tray starts Appcafe instead of the
>   system update tool
Correct, its an updater for both PBI's and system. If no system updates
are available, it defaults to opening the appcafe on click.
> - The Hardware Compatibility Tool should not only display the device names but
>   also their "real" names, especially for the sound device as you can have a
>   bunch of devices
Added to 9.2 TODO

> - The font in the service manager is too big
> - Misc. in pc-sysmanager has Boot Screen disabled but it is active nonetheless

> - pc-sysmanager only has a Save button but no Cancel button
I may need to re-design some of that app to avoid confusion down the
road. The save button is only for the particular tab you are on, so you
can just not press it, or close the app to make no changes.
> - pc-pfmanger is missing Close / Cancel buttons
The window manager provides that?

> - pc-updategui has the old icon in the control panel

> - Dolphin shows the Windows 7 DVD as UDF_Volume but refuses to mount:
>   org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.UnknownFailure: mount_udf: /dev/cd0: invalid
>   argument
I'll check into this. It may be that we'll fix it with the new Mount Tray.

> - Mount Tray doesn't show the DVD at all
Not yet. The backend code for devd notifications of optical media didn't
make it into 9.1, wont be in until 9.2. At that point we will be able to
finish up the DVD / optical support in mount-tray, and then look at
turning off HAL completely for media mounting.
> - Wireless configuration: the psk for WPA networks should be hashed with
>   wpa_passphrase(8)
I'll think about this. There may be some benefit to having the phrase
available to be "looked up" after setting it, but perhaps not so much.
> - I configured my wireless network and it worked but when I removed it's config
>   the tooltip in the tray's wireless icon still says that I am connected to my
>   WLAN, although "ifconfig wlan0" shows I am disconnected
Did it update after 15 -20 seconds? Its on a timer to check every so
often, so i may take a few before it updates.
> - Maybe the workgroup in smb.conf should be named "WORKGROUP" as this is the
>   standard group name in Windows, so you can easily browse for your Windows
>   shares in Dolphin and XBMC
Its set to the samba default right now. We may change it, or perhaps add
a graphical way to do so down the road.
> - Startup notification for XBMC should be disabled, the icon is still jumping
>   up and down after XBMC started successfully
That menu icon comes with the package, may need to do that upstream.

> - The component installer for the meta packages should have a download speed and
>   remaining time display. Downloading a bigger meta package can take a long time
>   so this would be very useful
Agreed, on the wiki for 9.2 stuff to work on :)
> Lars

Thanks for all the notes!

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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