[PC-BSD Testing] Trouble with linux jails

Ben Milman ben at ixsystems.com
Thu Jul 19 10:57:45 PDT 2012


So I installed Beta 1 64 bit in virtualbox on a Windows 7 host with 4 gigs
of RAM assigned and ZFS chosen (by default) at install. I decided to give
linux jails a whirl and encountered a couple of difficulties.

Firstly, the debian6 script appears to install a non-functioning jail. That
is, the installation appears to succeed, but attempting to start the jail
fails with just a flicker of the usual progress window. If there's a place
I should be looking for failure logs, let me know and I'll attach them.

The gentoo jail does work, but attempting to revert to a snapshot on it
spews out a bunch of scary errors (that aren't present on FreeBSD jails).
It does appear to work, however.

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