[PC-BSD Testing] Miscellaneous Warden suggestions on snapshot 20120622

Lars Engels lars.engels at 0x20.net
Fri Jul 13 05:46:45 PDT 2012

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 04:47:05PM -0700, Ben Milman wrote:
> Hi, My use of snapshot 20120622 is all on LXDE in a virtualbox instance
> hosted on PC-BSD 9.0.
> My suggestions:
>    - Add the Warden to the "system tools" menu along with other PC-BSD
>    tools like appcafe, the update manager, etc.
>    - In the Warden, it is not ideal that the new jail window holds focus.
>    Some jail initializations may take a long time, and being unable to work on
>    other jails in the meantime is annoying if there is no technical reason for
>    the restriction.
>    - (Not sure if a bug) Creating a "traditional jail" in the warden
>    results in the dialog stopping at "Changing root password on: (jail
>    address)", after the "success" message. It's inconsistent with creating a
>    ports jail, which ends at the "success" message. If it would be possible to
>    delay the success message until all other operations complete in
>    traditional jail initialization, that would be idea for clarity and
>    consistency.
> I also experienced a Warden crash involving the snapshots tab and a ports
> jail, but I have not yet been able to reproduce it

Addditionally, please make it possible to create a ports jail without an
IP address. It is not needed for its purpose.
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