[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 66, Issue 3

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Tue Jul 10 09:41:35 PDT 2012

On 07/10/2012 05:55, Jacob Daniels wrote:
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> But I am getting other errors such as the various PBI startup 
> icons/links not being trusted, those include PBI-xchat.desktop , 
> PBI-opera.desktop and PBI-virtualbox.desktop
> It seems anything installed via PBI does not get menu and desktop 
> listings updated automatically, nor correctly
> where would the pbi installation log, be found so I can post it here?
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It sounds like you are using KDE and it is warning you that the PBI 
desktop/menu entries are "untrusted" before you run them. Is this a good 
summary? If so, I think this is just a security feature within KDE, that 
any new desktop/menu icon is "untrusted" until you run it once and say 
that you trust it. It should be changed to a "trusted" application after 
running it once, so I do not think it is a problem with the PBI's 
themselves, but just getting used to this KDE security feature.

As for desktop/menu listings getting "updated" automatically/correctly, 
I am not sure what you are referring to exactly. Do you mean that when a 
PBI gets updated, the desktop/menu entries are not being updated to 
match (I.E. in the situation when the program binary changes between PBI 

I do not think that there is an official PBI installation "log". Running 
"pbi_add -r <name>" will fetch and install the PBI, and any 
strange/additional debugging info will be displayed in the terminal 
during that installation.

~~ Ken Moore ~~

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