[PC-BSD Testing] USB Memory Stick and DVD not mounted

Sven Moeller smoeller at nichthelfer.de
Tue Jan 31 13:16:19 PST 2012


on a freshly installed PC-BSD 9.0 (using KDE) a 8GB USB Memory Stick 
won't be mounted automatically. The device doesn't show up in Dolphin 
nor in the Device Notifier of KDE. dmesg shows that the kernel has 
recognized the device at all. Maybe it's an HALD issue? How can i try to 
track this down?

A data DVD (udf filesystem, Win7 install media) couldn't be mounted 
because of an error like "freedesktop.org HAL error invalid argument 
/dev/cd0". I guess this is an error by HALD or mount_udf? I tested this 
in KDE and XFCE. In both i got same results. Maybe some has an idea to 
solve this?


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