[PC-BSD Testing] EasyPBI - feature request (?)

Łukasz pickman at wp.pl
Tue Jan 17 14:55:19 PST 2012

2012/1/17 Ken Moore <ken at pcbsd.org>:
> On 01/16/2012 18:21, Łukasz wrote:
>> Hello,
>>  Is it possible to build a port, including some, but not all
>> additional plugins/options. Let's say I would like to build claws-mail
>> with spam filter, etc.
>> Does EasyPBI supports that?
>> Best regards / Pozdrawiam
>> Łukasz
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> At this time, you would need to add additional ports or make options into a
> PBI module by hand.
> For your example:
> 1) Use EasyPBI to create a module for mail/claws-mail
> 2) Open up (home-dir)/EasyPBI/Modules/claws-mail/pbi.conf
> 3) Edit the PBI_MAKEOPTS line to read:
> [PBI_MAKEOPTS="WITH_SPAMASSASSIN=yes"] (quotes needed)
> 4) Save the file and then use that module to build your PBI with EasyPBI
> I have thought about adding this type of functionality to EasyPBI in the
> past, but it is quite difficult to automatically detect the exact build
> options that are available for a given port without looking at the MakeFile
> for the port (in our example freshports only lists SPAMASSASSIN as a make
> option, the actual makefile shows the actual variable that needs to be set
> While this is not impossible functionality to add, it will take quite a bit
> to get working right, so I decided to get other aspects of EasyPBI working
> properly first. Eventually I probably will come back and revamp how EasyPBI
> lets you edit the pbi.conf of the module, but it might not be for a little
> while.
> Thanks for the suggestion though!
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If it is as you're describing, then EasyPBI is really... - easy, even
without this feature.
I adjusted pbi.conf and I'm building PBI now. Let's wait for the results.

Best regards / Pozdrawiam

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