[PC-BSD Testing] Make a PBI / EasyPBI 1.0 - fails to build port

Łukasz pickman at wp.pl
Tue Jan 17 14:38:00 PST 2012

2012/1/17 Ken Moore <ken at pcbsd.org>:
> On 01/17/2012 02:35, Łukasz wrote:
>> Hello,
>>  I'm testing EasyPBI on PC-BSD 9.0 amd64, ports in /usr/ports. When I
>> attempt to build any PBI I'm getting following error :
>> ***
>> This libgtop was compiled on FreeBSD 9.0-RC3 amd64
>> If you see strange problems caused by it,
>> you should recompile libgtop and dependent applications
>> Fetching FreeBSD chroot environment... This may take a while...
>> fetch: ftp://ftp.free.org/pub/PC-BSD//amd64/netinstall/fbsd-release.tbz:
>> File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access)
>> fetch:
>> ftp://ftp.free.org/pub/PC-BSD//amd64/netinstall/fbsd-release.tbz.md5:
>> File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access)
>> md5: rel.tbz: No such file or directory
>> cat: rel.md5: No such file or directory
>> pbi_makeport: Error in download data, checksum mismatch.. Please try
>> again later.
>> LibGTop-Server:
>> pid 36959 received eof.
>> ***
>> It seems fetch argument should have following form:
>> fetch: ftp://ftp.free.org/pub/PC-BSD/9.0/amd64/netinstall/fbsd-release.tbz
>> instead of:
>> fetch: ftp://ftp.free.org/pub/PC-BSD//amd64/netinstall/fbsd-release.tbz
>> I changed repository, but this didn't help.
>> I'll appreciate any hint...
>> Best regards / Pozdrawiam
>> Łukasz
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> This is a known bug with EasyPBI version 1.0 (in PBI form) and has already
> been corrected in the PCBSD-Projects/EasyPBI repository and tagged version
> 1.1, but it has not been updated in ports yet.
> As a workaround, if you start EasyPBI from the command line (just run
> "EasyPBI") and then try to build a PBI it will still fail, but it will print
> the command to build the PBI in the terminal output. Quit EasyPBI and run
> that command manually from the command line and it will work properly. After
> that, you should be able to use EasyPBI normally, without any further issues
> or command line usage.
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It works great. Thank you!
One thing which is not fully clear for me: EasyPBI does use /usr/ports
per default, if this tree doesn't exist, it have a possibility to
fetch ports to user's home directory. Also, when I'm using system
configuration option - "fetch system port tree", system does perform
"portsnap fetch", but does not "portsnap extract" or "... update". Is
that correct?
I'm asking, because I've built claws-mail PBI from /usr/ports/ and
noticed that its version is 3.71, comparing to 3.8.0 which is
available in official PBI repository. Then I was trying to perform
"portsnap fetch; portsnap update", but it said I have to do portsnap
extract first.
If I'm not wrong - is it a expected behavior of system configuration
option (fetch system port tree), to fetch but not to extract?

Best regards / Pozdrawiam

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