[PC-BSD Testing] path to post-install.sh in automated installation 9Release

GO. info at Godot.de
Tue Jan 17 07:32:51 PST 2012

Am 16.01.2012 um 17:40 schrieb Kris Moore:

> On 01/16/2012 10:38, GO. wrote:
>> this link within pc-autoinstall is working correct with 
>> pc_config: /boot/pcinstall.cfg.de
>> ...
>> # shutdown_cmd: sh /post-install.sh (was not working)
> I'll take a look into this :)
>> # runScript=/root/post-install.sh (was not working)
> I don't think runScript works in pc-autoinstall.conf
>> when pcinstall.cfg.de doing the partitioning and copying this line goes into darkness
>> runScript=/root/post-install.sh
>> ... No such file ...
> You need to change this to runExtScript=, since runScript looks for
> /root/post-install.sh in the chroot environment of the install.

All of these following lines have same failure when in pcinstall...:
Running external command -  cannot open...no such file

runExtCommand=sh /root/post-install.sh
runExtCommand=sh ${FSMNT}/post-install.sh

runExtCommand=sh /root/post-install.sh
runExtCommand=sh /post-install.sh
runExtCommand=sh post-install.sh

>> script postinstall.sh seems not located in / or /root/ but is physically in <cdroot> (pcinstall is in /boot/)
Testing now with copies of the file also in/boot/, 
Any hints?

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