[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0-RELEASE oss Kernel Panic

Silvio - Banzai ° silvio.taverna at banzai.it
Tue Jan 17 01:31:59 PST 2012

Hi All,
  on different systems, port-built audio/oss hangs the machine on boot :

panic: make_dev_credv: bad si_name (error=17, si_name=sndstat)
cpuid = 2
KDB: stack backtrace:
#0 0xffffffff808680fe at kdb_backtrace+0x5e
#1 0xffffffff80832cb7 at panic+0x187
#2 0xffffffff807ed4ec at make_dev_credv+0x1dc
#3 0xffffffff807ed6df at make_dev+0x6f
#4 0xffffffff81933f4d at oss_install_chrdev+0x1cd
Uptime: 19s
ACPI Error: Unsupported register bit width: 0x0 (20110527/hwregs-130)
acpi0: reset failed - AE_SUPPORT
Automatic reboot in 15 seconds - press a key on the console to abort
panic: bufwrite: buffer is not busy???
cpuid = 2

the ACPI Error has been there since the beginning and its not related with  
this audio issue, here the packages :

[voidWing]# pkg_version -vs oss
linux-f10-alsa-plugins-oss-1.0.21_2  =   up-to-date with port
oss-4.2.b2005                      =   up-to-date with port

and rc.conf :

# Enable sound-support

great release anyway, thanx all !!



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