[PC-BSD Testing] pc-sysmanager go behind System Configuration Window

claive alvin Acedilla cabpacedilla at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 08:45:45 PST 2012

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Control Panel
2. Double click System Manager
3. pc-sysmanager pops asking for root password. Put root password
4. System Configuration window apears
5. Close System Configuration window
6. Go back to contro panel and Double click System Manager
7. Two windows will appear, pc-sysmanager and System Configuration window
but the pc-sysmanager window is at the back of System Configuration window.

Expected behaviour: pc-sysmanager window should be on top because is the
current active window

System: USBLite 32-bit PCBSD 9.0 Lxde
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