[PC-BSD Testing] OpenOffice-fr and Firefox locale troubles

Janik Galasso janik at HikariHQ.com
Fri Feb 24 20:43:21 PST 2012


I've been experiencing a few problems with both OpenOffice-fr and
Firefox pbi (which is installed on PC-BSD 9 i386 with AppCafe)

First of all, OpenOffice-fr seems to have broken links on the desktop
and the menus on Gnome (they don't work)

As for Firefox, that latest version doesn't seem to be able to change
it's interface language with the locale switcher plugin that comes with
Firefox, when I select French (Canada) I get a message saying that the
locale is being changed and that I should restart Firefox (which I do)
but when it comes back it's still in English, even though in the plugin
menu (tools menu) French seems to be selected.

Any idea on how to fix my firefox problem and if it's possible to fix
the OpenOffice-fr links?

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