[PC-BSD Testing] Centerim PBI built w/o protocols support

Stephan Lichtenauer sl-pub-lists at honeyguide.de
Thu Feb 23 05:39:36 PST 2012


I have installed and tested the centerim PBI from AppCafe. It starts
fine, but to me it looks like it is built without any makefile option
(according to
http://trac.pcbsd.org/browser/pbi/modules/net-im/centerim/pbi.conf) and
thus without any IM protocol support which renders it quite useless.

I would suggest to build it with MULTIBYTE and all IM protocols, from
the ports makefile this seem to be the options:

OPTIONS=	NLS             "Native Language Support" on \
		MULTIBYTE       "Multibyte Support" off \
		FRIBIDI         "Fribidi Support" off \
		MSN             "Support for MSN Protocol" off \
		YAHOO           "Support for Yahoo! Messenger Protocol" off \
		AIM             "Support for AOL's Instant Messenger Protocol" off \
		IRC             "Support for IRC Protocol" off \
		JABBER          "Support for Jabber Protocol" off \
		GPGME           "Support for PGP encrypted Jabber messages" off \
		RSS             "Support for RSS" off \
		LJ              "Support for LiveJournal" off \
		GG              "Support for Gadu-Gadu Protocol" off

Best regards


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