[PC-BSD Testing] Inconsistent mounting of linux os partitions

Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at att.net
Wed Feb 22 06:32:01 PST 2012

> I do not know if this is bug, but i cannot mount the ubuntu
> OS and the
> debian OS partitions in PCManFM.
> The error says "Cannot mount volume. Unable to mount
> volume." In the
> details saying "mount: /dev/ada0s9. Operation not
> permitted"
> The ubuntu OS partion is ext4 and debian OS partitions im
> not sure maybe ext3s.
> But the second debian OS partition on sda7 was mounted. All
> of these
> linux partitions are on the extended partition.
> I am using the USBLite 32-bit PCBSD 9.0 Lxde

It depends upon the version of EXT and whether or not journalling is enabled. See the EXT* sections in Table 1.4a at http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/PC-BSD_for_Linux_Users#Filesystems for some more details.



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