[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD9 and Eclipse

Ronald Georgia rong1611 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 10:24:32 PST 2012

I downloaded eclipse-3.6.2_1-amd64.pbi and installed as root: 

[root at rong1611-s1] ~/Downloads# pbi_add -v ./eclipse-3.6.2_1-amd64.pbi

 Got this message after install:

Extraction Finished!
Installed: Eclipse-3.6.2_1

Of course I had to run the app as root (launching as user the update locations were not populated). First launch worked. Selected Help --> Check for Updates and installed SDK updates. After the update was complete Eclipse would not restart. Launched Eclipse as root from the command line and got the same error message:

Error: ECLIPSE_HOME is not defined correctly: /usr/pbi/eclipse-amd64/lib/eclipse
       Unable to find eclipse launcher binary
r0n ge0rgia
John 13:23

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On 02/12/2012 09:27, Ron Georgia wrote: 
>I am using PCBSD 9.0 (fresh install) amd64. I installed Eclipse
      from PBI and everything installed nicely. The first launch of
      eclipse worked. I was able to add Ruby and PyDev without a
      problem. However when I performed an update (for eclipse) the
      binary file was removed from the
      /usr/pbi/eclipse-amd64/lib/eclipse directory. When I launch from
      the command line I get this message (of course): 
>Error: ECLIPSE_HOME is not defined correctly:
>       Unable to find eclipse launcher binary 
>I reinstalled and copied the original binary, did the update
      (binary now gone) and copied the original binary to its proper
      location, and of course that generates a different error. 
>After the "upgrade" I did a sudo find / -name eclipse -type f
      -print, alas! The file is gone. Any suggestions? 
>Ron G 
>Testing mailing list 
>Testing at lists.pcbsd.org 
I did some playing with this the other day, and it looks like this
    PBI needed to be installed with root mode, otherwise when you do
    updates, it trashes all kinds of its internal java files. 

Grab one of these and install it as root to test:


Kris Moore
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