[PC-BSD Testing] Checkboxes inconsistent on system packages manager

Ben Milman ben at ixsystems.com
Thu Feb 9 18:21:05 PST 2012

The checkboxes in the system manager don't populate properly - even
though I have all of the packages under "development" installed, that
checkbox shows the minus sign, indicating that something under it is
not selected. Clicking on it to change it to a full checkmark and then
saving the changes results in no changes, and the checkbox returns to
a minus. The same happens for the Services dropdown section. However,
I noticed it does NOT happen for window managers - for those,
selecting all sub-packages results in a full checkmark.

It's possible this is related to whether or not the higher-level
checkmark causes anything to be installed without sub-packages
selected. Regardless, this is inconsistent. When all sub-packages are
selected, the checkmark at the higher level should go from partially
to fully checked in all cases.

Ben Milman

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