[PC-BSD Testing] Moving Firefox settings to new system

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 8 06:03:28 PST 2012

I earlier reported that Firefox (9.0.1) would not run on my new install of PCBSD9 but I figured out why.

My thought was to first copy over the .mozilla/firefox/xxxxxxxx.default   file to the new system and let Firefox import the settings when I installed it from the PBI.

That for whatever reason did not work and FF would not start.

Instead I let FF create it's own xxxxxxxx.default file and then just substituted the contents of the old xxxxxxx.default file in its entirety.

xxxxxxxx.default is a directory name that FF creates when it installs, and in my case was: utrdut8z.default.

Copying the entire contents of that directory also preserves the browser cache and history from the last time you used it.

Now it works fine and all of my add-ons and Xmarks bookmarks are working.  Note also that I did not have to monkey with the Flash plug-in which is in the plugins directory.

As I mentioned before, upgrading existing apps to a new version of PCBSD is a headache for most people and it would be great if there were guidelines tailored to each app as to copying over settings, but even better yet would be an interactive script to aid in the process.

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