[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD9.1-x86-USBFULL.img.bz2 not bootable (after bunzip2'ing)

Robert Dinah rhdinah at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 26 13:08:21 PST 2012

I must agree with Harald ... even a show-stopper bug that *I* could reliably duplicate here received little or no attention ... and with a suitable debug log or two could possibly been fixed before this release went out. So I can see no reason for me to go forward with release 9.1. I'm a bit disappointed.

Regards, Robert

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Subject: [PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD9.1-x86-USBFULL.img.bz2 not bootable (after bunzip2'ing)
After the disastrous update exercise (9.1-RC3 to 9.1, see my earlier
mails) I downloaded (10 hours over cable modem) and verified  (md5)
PCBSD9.1-x86-USBFULL.img.bz2 before unbunzing and copying to an 8 GB USB
I found that there is *NO BOOTBLOCK* on the image (first 8kB is zero).
The image is not bootable by any stretch of the imagination.

I am sorry to say that this release has apparently not undergone any QA
before publication. I cannot continue testing PCBSD under these

Sorry for that

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