[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 9.1 update failed miserably

Mikey ilzilly at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 23 21:12:45 PST 2012

--- On Fri, 12/21/12, Productnews wrote:

> I did an online upgrade from PC-BSD 9.1-RC3 to 9.1, and my
> whole kdm
> environment is gone.
> I run PC-BSD inside VirtualBox (it  does not run on the
> iron, see bug
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=170677 
> amd64/170677 amd64
>    FreeBSD 9.x does not boot if 2 hard disks
> are on system)
> I started the Update Manager and selected the only available
> option, the
> upgrade to 9.1.
> After the download (some hours), I rebooted for the
> installation.
> The installation started, and after some time, a message
> like "/ file
> system full" appeared, and a button for reboot.
> I rebooted, and software sets starting with akonadi 
> were being installed.
> Eventually the login screen appeared. Wneh I logged in
> (KDE), all KDE
> apps were gone: no konsole, no dolphin, ...
> Only fluxbox works.
> Any suggestions beside doing a fresh install or downloading
> a VrtualBox
> image?
> thanks, Harald

I also performed an update from PC-BSD 9.1-RC3 to 9.1 using the PC-BSD Update Manager and ended up with similar results. The difference is that it was directly on my computer, not VirtualBox. I received no errors during the update but the first post-update login showed all of my KDE apps were gone, nowhere to be found. Searched the drives for konsole, dolphin, konqueror -- nothing.

I had backed up everything before the update, so I just wiped the OS drive and started over fresh with 9.1. Looks like something gets deleted during the upgrade process but the replacement version is not included in the upgrade.

If it helps, I had just updated from RC2 to RC3 using the same method the previous week and did not encounter any issues with that update.


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