[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 9.1 update failed miserably (amd64, inside VirtualBox)

Live user notstop at live.com
Sat Dec 22 01:57:51 PST 2012

On 21/12/2012 18:11, Productnews wrote:
> I did an online upgrade from PC-BSD 9.1-RC3 to 9.1, and my whole kdm
> environment is gone.
> I run PC-BSD inside VirtualBox (it  does not run on the iron, see bug
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=170677  amd64/170677 amd64
>     FreeBSD 9.x does not boot if 2 hard disks are on system)
> I started the Update Manager and selected the only available option, the
> upgrade to 9.1.
> After the download (some hours), I rebooted for the installation.
> The installation started, and after some time, a message like "/ file
> system full" appeared, and a button for reboot.
> I rebooted, and software sets starting with akonadi  were being installed.
> Eventually the login screen appeared. Wneh I logged in (KDE), all KDE
> apps were gone: no konsole, no dolphin, ...
> Only fluxbox works.
> I should have ample disk space:
> $ zpool list
> tank0  26.8G  13.9G  12.9G    51%  1.00x  ONLINE  -
> $ zfs list
> NAME                        USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
> tank0                      13.9G  12.4G   280M  legacy
> tank0/usr                  13.3G  12.4G  12.3G  /usr
> tank0/usr/home              375M  12.4G    32K  /usr/home
> tank0/usr/home/hvf          375M  12.4G   375M  /usr/home/hvf
> tank0/usr/ports             235M  12.4G   225M  /usr/ports
> tank0/usr/ports/distfiles  6.04M  12.4G  6.04M  /usr/ports/distfiles
> tank0/usr/ports/packages   4.42M  12.4G  4.42M  /usr/ports/packages
> tank0/usr/src               352M  12.4G   352M  /usr/src
> tank0/var                   337M  12.4G   209M  /var
> tank0/var/crash            31.5K  12.4G  31.5K  /var/crash
> tank0/var/db                127M  12.4G   105M  /var/db
> tank0/var/db/pkg           21.9M  12.4G  21.9M  /var/db/pkg
> tank0/var/empty              31K  12.4G    31K  /var/empty
> tank0/var/log               370K  12.4G   370K  /var/log
> tank0/var/mail               32K  12.4G    32K  /var/mail
> tank0/var/run                99K  12.4G    99K  /var/run
> Any suggestions beside doing a fresh install or downloading a VrtualBox
> image?
> thanks, Harald

Of course you need to have enough room for updates, both downloading the 
packages, decompressing them and for cache. You should have removed 
stuff, or at least, expanded your partitions.

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