[PC-BSD Testing] Minor bugs

Mario S. Mommer m_mommer at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 14:07:52 PST 2012


here a collection of minor bugs I stumbled uppon.

1. The display selector does not recognize my mouse without additional help. I have a logitech trackman wheel connected via USB. It works after I unplug the mouse and replug it.

2. I encrypted the zfs partition where everything resides except boot, as suggested by the "advanced" partitioning option of the installer. It works, but the passphrase prompt appears somewhere in the middle of stuff that is scrolling by, and it looks as if the boot process has hung.

3. After installing only kde, i also installed lxde and xfce. The package manager indicated that errors had occurred, and pointed to a log file (attached)

4. The KDE "device notifier" keeps indicating the presence of a mass storage device that I unplugged about an hour ago.

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