[PC-BSD Testing] boot volume mirror maintenance

Dewey Hylton dewey.hylton at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 10:51:13 PDT 2012

the pc-bsd installer provides a couple of mirrored boot volume options; i believe this is a huge win. devices do fail, however, and while having your box stay running is a definite plus, one should immediately replace the failed device and re-instate the mirror. i consider this standard maintenance.

adding a mirror device to a zpool is simple, but i'm not sure about the multiple partition types (gpt/mbr) and the boot code itself. having the required steps handy for recovering from these scenarios is necessary for sysadmins - and i'm sure most end-users would prefer to not be forced to reinstall when storage is so cheap and mirroring can be this simple.

i'd like to see documentation that shows exactly how to do these things. is this already available somewhere, or will i need to dig into the installer source to figure it out myself?

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