[PC-BSD Testing] Features in PC-BSD 9.1 Beta 1 is not included in the handbook.

claive alvin Acedilla cabpacedilla at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 21:46:02 PDT 2012

Thanks Curt Dox
I hope many will do documentation

On 8/4/12, Curt Dox <tigersharke at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello..
> On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 7:40 AM, claive alvin Acedilla <
> cabpacedilla at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Features in PC-BSD 9.1 Beta 1 is not yet included in the handbook.
>> The handbook is still 9.0.
>> Im using PC-BSD 9.1 Beta 1 DVD i386 32bit UFS Gnome Virtualbox 3.2.10
> *What features? *There are sections of the handbook wiki that are
> specifically indicated as *changed for v9.1*, and other new pages to the
> handbook that do not apply to 9.0 at all.  We transition the handbook from
> the current release (v9.0) to the new upcoming release (the version that
> would be in testing snapshot form and later in beta then RC) almost
> immediately after the handbook wiki is published in its various forms (for
> the 'current' release).
> There are only about four consistently active editors on the wiki. The wiki
> is open to anyone to assist with any editing tasks, including those that do
> not involve English language proficiency. There are over 400 different
> external links within the handbook, over 100 separate handbook wiki pages,
> 11 primary chapters, 95 sub-chapter pages (15 of these for different
> desktop information, and 19 for the different control panel items).  The
> handbook continues to grow along with the capabilities of PC-BSD. This is
> not a complaint about too much work for too few people, but consider that
> due to the vastness of the handbook in relation to the numbers of editors
> it will certainly take longer to accomplish and sometimes things can get
> overlooked.
> *It is easy to assist:* create an account on the wiki, verify your email
> address, login and start editing. Ask questions along the way but do not
> fear your mistakes because they will become known and can be corrected as
> necessary.  It is very much a cooperative community effort, no one is
> excluded (except link spammers and those who intentionally vandalize).
> Have a wonderful day!

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