[PC-BSD Testing] Suggestion: Document test cases and share your test cases

claive alvin Acedilla cabpacedilla at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 02:48:11 PDT 2012

Hello. This is a suggestion:

How about if we put a Testing section (QA) in PC-BSD

1. Put a Testing section on the website (or anywhere) where all can put
Test Cases all areas in PCBSD (AppCafe, Control Panel, Network manager,
etc), DEs (LXDE, XFCE, etc), hardware and peripherals, apps, networking,
2. Testing milestones will also be placed.
3. Put also bug fixes section where everybody can see which bugs are
already fixed.
4. Put also software regression section where list of bug fixes, PCBSD new
enhancements, features, patches, config changes etc that need to be
5. Regression milestones will be also be placed

This purpose of this is to cover testing all functionality in PC-BSD by
using test cases that are documented and visible.
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