[PC-BSD Testing] Minecraft Runs on PC-BSD

james at ixsystems.com james at ixsystems.com
Wed Sep 28 15:41:59 PDT 2011

Hey all,

I recently got Minecraft working on both PC-BSD 8.2 (amd64) and PC-BSD 9.0 Beta 2 (amd64).  I followed this guide: http://foo.poildetroll.net/minecraft/HOWTO_MINECRAFT_ON_FREEBSD.txt

The PBI would mostly match the openjdk6 PBI, but needs openal/jorbis included.  Also, we cannot distribute the minecraft.jar, but it can be retrieved by the launcher. When it is retrieved it also pulls the non-functional jinput/jutils/lwjgl libraries which must be replaced by the libs built with ant. Getting all the libs to build was difficult, but once they built everything ran as expected.

Things to note

+ I couldn't build jinupt with apache-ant while openjdk was installed (on 9.0). However, it built when I used the JRE 1.6 PBI on 8.2. 

+ I built the libraries on 8.2, they also worked on 9.0.  I haven't built them using 9, yet.

+ After building the libraries you can use either openjdk6 or the JRE 1.6 PBI to play minecraft.

+ Sound doesn't work: "ERROR MESSAGE: Could not locate OpenAL library."

+ After installing audio/openal the SoundSystem initializes, but then locks up minecraft complaining about the elusive "CodecJOrbis".  Apparently, we need JOrbis (java vorbis) included in the openal port as a codec option.

+I successfully built the JOrbis source (including jogg and jorbis).

%: javac ~/com/jcraft/jogg/*java ~/com/jcraft/jorbis/*java

%: jar cvf0 jorbis.jar com/jcraft/*

%: cp jorbis.jar /usr/local/share/java/classes/

+ I installed audio/openal again and then launched minecraft but got the same (CodecJOrbis) error. 

+ The minecraft server and craftbukkit wrapper runs as expected on PC-BSD using openjdk6 and the JRE 1.6 PBI. 

+ There are also server alternatives available: http://mc.kev009.com/Craftd:Main_Page


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