[PC-BSD Testing] Some potentially troubling news for future PCs from OEMs

LinuxBSDos.com finid at linuxbsdos.com
Tue Sep 27 10:58:39 PDT 2011

> On 09/27/2011 11:24 AM, Ian McNulty wrote:
>> That is pretty scary. Is there any way that we can highlight the issue
>> and bring some pressure to bear?
>> Ian
>> On 27/09/11 14:54, Arthur Koziol wrote:
>>> Did you all catch the big hullabaloo about the future of UEFI and the
>>> whole Secure Boot initiative? If this pans out, it will render many
>>> *nixes uninstallable on Secure Boot configged machines? I don't want
>>> to go shouting conspiracy theory or anything but it would sure be a
>>> great way to kill Linux / *BSD on any future new hardware.
>>> Have a read here:
>>> http://www.osnews.com/story/25180/Windows_8_Requires_Secure_Boot_May_Hinder_Other_Software
>>> Arthur
> I would think that writing to the OEMs and some trade groups, maybe
> whomever defined UEFI and tell them the negative implications of this
> for the *nix crowd? If I see any petitions I will pass the info along.
> I'm not sure with whom I would begin to petition anyhow. Surely they
> realize the impact of this on the *nix crowd and have some kind of
> alternative in mind. If not, we'd be hosed.
> Arthur

This thing will not fly in the EU, and I do not think that China and
Russia, two countries that have mandated the use the of Linux in some
segments of their society, will let it happen.

But here in the US of A, where MS enjoys special status with the govt, our
pols will not do anything. The Golden Rule prevails.

Even more tragic is nobody in our camp has any influence with the OEMs.

Fini D.

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