[PC-BSD Testing] Translated strings not shown in 9.0 BETA2 installer (Chinese_Taiwan and Japanese)

rascal rascal at tiscali.cz
Sun Sep 25 15:37:56 PDT 2011

I second that, I have seen that overlapping numbers in pootle too.

Michal M.

Dne 25.9.2011 11:30, Sam Lin napsal(a):
> Long time Kris and PCBSDers.
> Just noticed that regardless of both Chinese_Taiwan and Japanese 
> having their SysInstaller.po beem fully translated on pootle, in the 
> actual installer some strings and even in tabs or in buttons are left 
> blank. Please see attached snapshots for example - the blank areas 
> have been circled in red.
> I am suspecting that this has to do with the id for some messages on 
> pootle being overlapping (see attached pootle-tw.jpg). In the attached 
> pootle-tw.jpg you shall notice that first #5 is "Select installation 
> type" and then followed by another #5 which appear to be some 
> description. Then #6 "System" and then another #6 with another 
> description. I am guessing that the first message for an id takes 
> effect on the sysinstaller and then the second message for that id 
> cannot be used or alternatively is ignored by the installer. Strangely 
> this "overlapping numbering system" on pootle is limited to some 
> languages and in other languages the numbers on pootle do not overlap 
> (e.g. #6 "Select installation type" then #7 description then #8 
> "System" and then #9 another description, and so on) .
> Just let me know if the snapshots cannot be uploaded via the mailing 
> list or you cannot see the snapshots.
> Cheers,
> Sam
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