[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0 BETA2: appcafe error when starting "Missing meta-files"

AJ Burch ajburch at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 21 12:36:55 PDT 2011

That worked. Thanks. Although some categories are empty, I am assuming it's a work in progress. 
Side Note:I am working on starting a "class" for teaching PC-BSD to help people who don't  know how to use a computer to get started with one. The idea is to take older computers, load them with PCBSD, teach how to use it, and then give away the computer. I have a bunch that were donated for this purpose. Do we have something like that going  already? If so, who's running it?



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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 14:29:34 -0400
From: kris at pcbsd.org
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Subject: Re: [PC-BSD Testing] 9.0 BETA2: appcafe error when starting "Missing meta-files"


    On 09/21/11 13:37, AJ Burch wrote:
        That did work. I was able to grab that file. What do I do with
        it now?

        I am behind an ASA firewall that allows all outbound
          traffic at this time. Shouldn't be an issue, but I can verify
          by connecting from another connection.




      Ok, give this a shot:


      # rm -rf /var/db/pbi/index

      # /usr/local/etc/rc.d/pbid restart

      # tail -f /var/log/pbid.log




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