[PC-BSD Testing] 9.0 BETA installation: tunefs fails creating /mnt/data

Jeff Penn jeff at jrpenn.demon.co.uk
Tue Sep 20 11:42:53 PDT 2011

I normally set up a data partition on /mnt/data when I install systems.
This fails on pcbsd, and I suspect it's because the installer attempts
to label a partition 'mnt/data'. 

The advise in the pcbsd manual is to mount partitions directly on /.
Is this a known limitation of the installer? (I didn't try setting
up a mount /mnt/data partition on BETA2). 

I also noticed that my system causes an interrupt storm on irq 17, but
only when running the installer.  Messages reporting the error are
output to the console constantly.  The issue does not show up running
the installed system.  I have seen interrupt storms before on the same
hardware on earlier versions of freebsd.  Is this of any interest to


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