[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 9 beta x64 - installation problem - no HDD detected

rascal rascal at tiscali.cz
Sun Sep 18 15:23:48 PDT 2011


During the weekend I downloaded usb installation image and tried to 
install on 3rd partition (primary), but the installer showed only the 
usb drive itself as available storage. I tried more times to be sure.

I assumed the usb installer is not good, so I grabbed the dvd ISO (again 
x64) and this time the installer did not show any available storage (no 
hdd was detected probably).

I will try 32bit images in upcoming days, but I'd be happy for a advice.

I have lenovo thinkpad r61 laptop with sata 250GB HDD. and I previously 
used windows xp (using at the moment), ubuntu, pcbsd, desktopbsd on my 
laptop and never had issues with my hard drive.

I will add that I installed AiR-boot bootmanager (I had no success with 
GAG and I dont like its graphical interface), but in ideal case the boot 
manager should not interfere with hdd detection, right?

Thx for any advice in advance.

Michal M.

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